Who we work with

Businesses, Organizations, & Individuals

Did you know that having a video on your landing page makes it 53% more likely to appear on the first page of online search results? Increase your chances of being seen by having Elevated Evolution create video content for your website, email list, or social media channels.



IConvincing new clients they can trust you feels like an impossible hurdle. A polished video on your website is the best way to introduce your skills, talents, and personality. Show potential clients who you are and they’ll have no reason to hesitate getting in touch.


Marketing Firms, Advertisers, & Content Distributors:

Every successful marketing plan includes a sophisticated content marketing strategy. But many firms lack the production expertise necessary to offer sponsored content services to their clients. Why lose out on this lucrative add-on when you can contract us to produce top-quality videos? Whether you need a creative concept or already have a plan in place, Elevated Evolution’s videos are sure to impress your clients while expanding their reach.


Sponsored Content:

Today’s customers can sense pandering from a mile away. Our sponsored videos are captivating, lively features that tell a story while highlighting the impact of your brand.

Advertising Partnerships:

Whether you’re a network affiliate launching a new series or a business searching for an exclusive promotion opportunity, Elevated Evolution can identify, negotiate, and oversee ongoing sponsorship arrangements.


Launching a new service? Want to explain the lesser-known features of an existing product? We create sophisticated, informative commercials ready for broadcast or online sharing.

Filmmakers & Creatives:

Too many Storytellers fail because they can’t access the resources and information available to industry insiders. We believe great ideas are meant to be shared! With our talents, expertise, and guidance on your side, your projects can finally become a reality. No matter where you are in the production process, Elevated Evolution is the solution to getting your project on track and ready for distribution.


In the pre-production stage?

We can work with you to develop the budget, schedule, and resource list you need to get started.

Ready to start shooting?

Let our producers source staff, equipment, and talent. We can even take care of paperwork, permits, insurance, and location. With all the details handled, all you’ll need to do is call “action.”

Stuck with hours of raw footage?

We have skilled editors, animators, and graphic designers to transform your footage into a polished, final product.

Not sure where you are?

That’s okay. We offer consultations to determine your project’s specific needs. From there, we work with you to nurture your concept from planning through production and into a fully-realized film or video.